Celia is a puzzle. Is she the innocent victim of a manipulative husband or is she the mastermind of all evil? In the moonlit night, Celia provokes those who might peek through the transparent curtains. While her husband, an early riser, has an encounter with a young goat. An encounter that leads to murder…
…blood… ..and the sacrificial beast, lies in a pool of crimson. Anything and anyone who comes in contact with them, must die. A painter, crucified in the church yard… …while the two, watch, holding their breath And to end the suffering, a bucket full of lime. Then, the cleansing of the small island begins.
A gay couple is sentenced to death. The small town streets are quiet, with the exception of his pain, as he holds on to his spilled guts. Slash after slash from the ancient sword, he dies.
Slash after slash…he's loving it. Back at the doll house, the young one is hurt.
To ease the pain, he plays sexual games with a loaded weapon.
Ooops…The trigger is pulled by accident - it's mind blowing. The cleansing continues…Next target, the only two gay women on the island. The only man who can go after them,
is hang up somewhere else... And what about that older woman who loves to be roughened up in bed? She wants him so badly, she looses her head. Celia is brutally attacked in her own bathtub. But the punishment of the brute is swift and fierce. He's speared. Last stop, the dyke. He uses an aerosol spray as a torch ..and fries the bitch to hell. And while things have started to go their way… One of the victims escapes...
But not for long. Pursued by the police, they seek shelter in God's arms ..and then, a shepherd's hut, where new adventures begin.
New film loaded and the camera ready. But no happy ending for him, as he lies unconscious in dry lime. Celia has discovered the meaning of crude, primitive sex. While her husband (who was never her husband but her brother) starts to melt, when rain turns dry lime into pure acid.
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...You took a role in the film due to an actor not turning up. Can you tell who the actor was and why he didn’t turn up?


 The actor, Vassilis Mavromatis, wanted 25,000 drachma (some 80 euros by today’s rate) and I didn’t have that in the budget, so I said, what the hell, I’ll play the part myself. I lived to regret it thereafter, as I’m not cut to play any other characters than mine.


The only other professional actor was Nikos Tsachiridis as the shepherd who didn’t have any lines. Was that deliberately ironic?


 Nikos didn’t speak any English but he was brutally perfect for the shepherd’s role, so I decided to make him mute. It played well for the change in Celia’s life, where from so much communication with her brother/lover/accomplice she found a long sought peace in the mute’s deafening quietness. For Celia, that was the return to the normal life she never had. And for Niko’s character, this was the first time he got to have sex with a female, justifying the old axiom that in his village men are men and

the sheep are happy.


 When the painter is decorating the outside of the church before he is crucified you can see the letters, ‘MK’ in red painted on the wall behind him. What did the initials stand for or were they already there when you arrived to film the scene?


Glad you asked ‘cause I never noticed. See, it takes film critics and film buffs to discover little things which the director missed, proclaiming the movie to be in cult classic status when the film makers had no such intentions. Is it too late to give hell to my continuity girl, Nikki Clap? It was her first movie and she cried a lot during the shoot but, never the less, went on to become the best in her business, Steven Spielberg’s favored script supervisor...